In case you haven't noticed by now, we like to do things just a little different here at Loco Libre Gear. So, why stop with the topquilts? Right? Right! That's why we are the only manufacturer who currently offers diagonal baffles in all of our down underquilts. The Habanero at 50" - 52", is considered a 3/4 length underquilt for those who are looking for minimal weight and coverage. Meanwhile, the Habanero at 76 - 78" is comparable to others "full length" for those who want head to toe coverage. All of our underquilts feature a differential cut, which means the outer shell is wider than the inner shell. This helps to prevent the down from compressing as you lay in your hammock. We also taper each end, causing the underquilt to hug you like your momma would. Draft tubes are standard and help to up the warmth factor. In addition, all Habanero quilts have  a secondary suspension to keep everything right where you want it. Beastee Dees are standard just in case you'd like to add a little extra snugness to your setup.


All Loco Libre Gear Habenero underquilts feature a diagonal baffle that can be tailored to your lay. What that means is that if when laying in your hammock your feet go to the right of your head, that's a right hand lay. If they go left, left hand lay. Why do we do this? Because by going to a diagonal baffle, when we add the darts (and another little trick or two) we change the shape of the quilt to hug you better. It also means that we eliminate any possibility of compressing down. By picking your lay, you lay with the insulation instead of across it. Our Habanero underquilts are designed to "hug ya like your momma"! Not only that, it just plain looks cool.

Right lay

Left lay

Straight taper

Typical side to side baffle construction


Down topquilts, such as those manufactured by Loco Libre Gear, typically consist of a number of chambers that contain the insulation material (down). There is little difference in the actual construction of these chambers from manufacturer to manufacturer, except in the direction they are oriented. Most topquilts today have the chambers running from side to side, although a few run from head to toe. Others use a combination of the two. Every company has their reasons for their construction methods, but it has been my experience that side to side baffle construction makes for shorter baffles, and thus less down shift. Here at Loco Libre Gear we have come up with something unique that we feel does an even better job of keeping your down right where you want it - chevron baffles.

Straight baffles

Footbox drawn closed

Our standard topquilt width is 52", but for those who need a litle more shoulder room the wide option increases the width to 55". If you choose to go with a wide width and you are a cold sleeper it's recommended that you add an ounce or two of overfill because of the extra quilt area.


Questions? Or maybe you are looking for something custom. Feel free to contact us at info@locolibregear.com

Chevron baffles

As you can see in the above photos, the chevron design of our Ghost Pepper topquilt has 'corners' that catch and keep all that warm, fluffy down on top where it belongs. We are the first and only quilt maker to offer this chevron baffle design, and why? Let's put it this way, I almost named it the "ay caramba (a spanish word denoting surprise or pain) quilt", because it's a bit of extra work to build. I also believe it is worth the trouble so I offer it to you. 


There are three basic footbox designs, and we offer them all here at Loco Libre Gear. Each is a matter of personal preference, but hopefully we can help simplify this decision.

1) The Snap/Drawcord Footbox. This design allows for the most flexibility and ventilation. You can close the cord on cooler nights or leave it open when your feet get a little too warm. This design also allows you to use your topquilt inside out, giving you a different color and look. Our snap footbox has 5 reinforced snaps that can be completely undone so the quilt can be worn like a cape on those cool camp mornings. The snap/drawcord option is recommended for temperatures above 20°, but is available on all of our topquilts. When drawn closed the drawcord footbox will have about a 1" diameter opening, but most folks just stuff an extra sock or glove there, if needed. This option is available at no extra charge.




Flat sewn footbox


No taper

Footbox unsnapped

When I started Loco Libre Gear I wanted to have an economical option in my quilt stable. The Cayenne Pepper fills the bill very nicely, but cheaper doesn't mean less value! We start with Apex Climashield insulation, with the 3.6 option taking you down into the mid 40's, while the 6.0 will get most users down to about 25°.  Unlike the competition our Cayenne Pepper underquilts come standard with down filled draft collars and secondary suspension. Just like our other underquilts the Cayenne Pepper can be made to any length from 50" to 83" and any length in between, all in one inch increments. Custom trim colors are free of charge, and speaking of colors, who else gives you as many color options? No one! And for the ultimate in versatility our Woobie option converts the Cayenne Pepper into an insulated bivy. Who else does that? No one but Loco Libre Gear!

Insulated footbox

2) The Flat Sewn Footbox. This a simple, cheap, and warmer option to the snap footbox. Instead of snaps and a drawcord the footbox is simply flat sewn and closed 20" up the length quilt, similar to a sleeping bag. The only downside to this footbox style is that folks with larger feet might find this footbox a little snug. This option is available at no extra charge. ​

Woobie Snap option

3) The Insulated Footbox and LocknLoad option. The insulated footbox is by far the warmest option for the cold weather camper and we call it our "Hot Box" option. It consists of an extra  baffle that closes off the bottom of the quilt with another layer of down, not allowing any cold air to enter. Loco Libre Gear typically stuffs the footbox with an extra 3/4 - 1 ounces of down to build a barrier against cold feet. This option typically adds a little over an ounce and a half of total weight and is available for an additional $25 charge. 


For those seeking to save weight and get that mummy bag kind of feel we suggest a straight taper quilt design. Typically the quilt will narrow either 5" or 10" from top to bottom, depending on which option you choose. If you like a little more foot room a no taper quilt would be a better option. This style maintains the same width from top to bottom. There is no charge for either taper option. 

With the number of manufacturers and options available it's no wonder buying a quilt can be such a daunting task. The good news (for you the consumer) is that all this competition in the marketplace means better quality for you, as we have to step up our game to win your trust. You work hard for your money, and here at Loco Libre Gear we want to give you your moneys worth. Hopefully this guide can help make that decision making process a little bit easier. 


The gold standard for years has been goose down. The truth is, all things being equal, duck down is every bit as warm as goose, just cheaper. Because duck is used extensively for other uses there is more down available, thus keeping the prices lower. Combine that with the rising cost and difficulty in getting goose down at a fair market price and duck down becomes a smart money decision. Here at Loco Libre Gear we offer 800 fill power duck, as well as 900 goose Downtek  Water Repellent Down . This DWR treatment allows your quilt to maintain it's loft longer in challenging weather and humidity conditions. ​​


At Loco Libre Gear all of our quilts are made using Argon fabric. ARGON Fabric is the cutting edge ultimate nylon quilt material.  It resists wind and sheds water enough to be the outer shell of a quilt, yet it is breathable enough to be used as the inner shell.  It has a very tight weave, has a top of the line DWR finish,  is calendared and completely downproof. ARGON CS90 is 15 denier for added durability and is extremely tough.  It still comes in just under an ounce per sq yard and has a double rip stop grid. We also offer Argon 67 taffeta as an inner shell material, as it has a silky feel and is baby soft.  The best part is it weighs only a scant .67 ounces per square yard for further weight savings. Click HERE  to see our fabric color options.