Care and Cleaning

Light Stains can sometimes be removed by wiping with a clean damp cloth, and allowing your quilt to air dry.

Down Quilts

Never use a top load or agitator style washing machine, as this could damage the stitching and baffles in your quilt. When the down gets wet it will be significantly heavier, and the action of that type of machine will literally pull your quilt apart, so for that reason a front loader is better. You can, BTW, hand wash in your bathtub. Either way, you want to use cold water and gently handle your wet quilt. I recommend a product like Woolite or Nikwak Down Wash, and you should follow the directions on the product label. Rinse with cold water in the same manner you washed the quilt until the water runs free of soap.

After your quilt is clean, you are going to want to place it in a front load dryer (this is why a laundry mat might be the best place to do this, unless you have a front load washer/dryer). Do not pull the quilt from the washer, as pulling can tear your quilt (remember, it's gonna be heavy), but lift the whole quilt and place it in the dryer. Make sure the inside of the machine doesn't have any sharp edges or items left in it that can damage your quilt. Use the lowest setting,preferably No heat, and add clean tennis balls to help break up the down and help with clumping. Occasionally check to make sure the quilt isn't overheating, and if you spot clumps break them up before they get dried into a solid mass. You'll have to be patient as this process could take several hours.

Synthetic Quilts

Instructions coming soon!